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The Parpala Barn is a local landmark situated along the Naselle River in southern Pacific County, Washington. The centerpiece of one of the largest and longest-lived dairy farms in the area, the barn stands as a reminder of the economic and cultural history of this corner of the state. The barn is named for the family of Finnish Immigrants who cleared and operated the farm for nearly a century. The Naselle river played a central role in the farm’s early history. All of the Parpalas commerce and communication depended on the river, as the farm had no road access until the 1930’s milk was shipped by boat and cattle moved on barges. When the county finally constructed a road to the farm it was named for the family. John and Sofia raised 5 boys and a daughter on the farm. Two of the brothers, Otto and Taimie studied at OSU and then came back and worked on the farm until their fathers passing.With their fathers design drawn up before his death, within a decade they were able to construct a modern barn to replace the aging one.They farmed until the late 1970’s when they retired and sold the property. The farm was then bought by Dr. Moore out of Seattle and the home was rented out for the next 20 years. The Barn is now on the Washington State barn Registry and still attracting people who have worked on the farm or construction of the barn, as well as Parpala relatives stopping in to show their families the importance of the farm to them. We enjoy listening to all the history and stories. We wanted to honor the history of the Parpala brothers by using the Star Line Logo from the original stanchions and windows seen throughout the barn and turned it into our label.

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